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School Programs


Career and Pathway Planning


· Pathways
· Careers
· Resumes

· Personality
· Life skills
· Learning styles

· Subject selection
· Work styles
· Goal setting


YouthNow is the registered agent for the Careers Fast Track Program.

All YouthNow staff are accredited counsellors and are available to support your

students from Years 6 to 12 with an exciting and motivating approach to

pathway planning.

This program can assist young people to complete Year 12 or its equivalent.

It also meets all of a schools’ Pathways requirements. The program comes

with YouthNow’s expertise in community/business events which assists all

participating students with career exploration and resources.

What Do Schools Get?

  • On line assessments: Personality, Career Interests and Learning style
  • Class /Group Presentations
  • Printed Portfolio for each student
  • Individual counselling sessions with a pathway plan
  • Work readiness resources & suggested activities
  • Professional, friendly and independent counsellors
  • The option of additional assessments for Learn-Ability and Employ-Ability

Contact YouthNow to discuss this service, 8311 5800


Workplace Learning Coordination

Workplace Learning Coordinators


The Workplace Learning Coordinators Program seeks to improve access to quality work placement opportunities for young people aged 15-19. The program will also ensure targeted opportunities for Koorie youth.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) has identified YouthNow as the organisation to best deliver the program in Melbourne’s Western Metropolitan region.

YouthNow's team is working with both schools and industry to secure

Office workers opportunities for quality Structured Workplace Learning, Work Experience and School-based Apprenticeships/Traineeships.

     Structured Workplace Learning


                  Work Experience




YouthNow offers schools an online work placement service.Girl on phone


Quality work placements are sourced using an on-line data base to

support students and teachers with their work placement needs. The

website readily identifies businesses that match VET, VCAL or individual


This service is ideal for young people lacking networks or confidence to secure their own placement. The online service makes the initial student employer match up easier for both student and teacher whilst also YouthNow Handymen

encouraging students to follow through with the necessary paperwork.

YouthNow makes contact with the workplace and secures the placement

for the student.

At the end of the placement YouthNow also requests employer evaluations of individual student placements and provides copies of evaluation reports to the school.

What do schools get?YouthNow Reception
  • Group training sessions— VIT accredited hours
  • Over 800 businesses across 25 industries
  • Work Readiness resources e.g. student log book
  • Professional, friendly and experienced phone support

Contact Kamma to learn more about this valuable support.

Email:  or Ph: 8311 5800