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Supporting youth to explore their work life options can be a very rewarding activity and one that can take many forms. Working with businesses and organisations to find the right activity to enable them to make their contribution to society by helping youth is a high priority for YouthNow. Examples of the type of activities that businesses and organisations can be involved in are available below.


Workplace Learning

YouthNow seeks to develop relationships between schools and local businesses through our Workplace Learning Coordinator (WLC) Program. Senior secondary students are placed with a host employer to practice industry and work related skills learnt during their VET, VCAL or Year 10 courses. This program reinforces classroom learning and provides opportunities to students for structured on-the-job training and application of skills. Workplacements vary, some are one day a week for eight weeks, some are every work day for one week and others can be each day for two weeks.

Guest Speaker spots at Career Events

Many schools run career information events for their students to help them make decisions about their future studies and goals. These events strive to be current so getting information directly from an employer or someone working in a particular industry sector is a great asset.  If you are not so keen to take on the guest speaker role yourself another option is to nominate someone else in your workforce. An apprentice or a trainee talking to their peers is an excellent way for students to get the insider's perspective.

Workplace site visits and Employer interviews

As part of their preparation for joining the workforce many students take on career related projects. The opportunity to have a tour of a worksite or business is a great way for them to put the visuals to their career ideas and this is a popular choice for school groups. Likewise, for individual students, an interview with an employer or staff in the workplace can really aid understanding.


If you have one hour per week to give and an interest in developing a relationship with a young person then Mentoring may be the thing for you. Many retired and semi retired people have found this a very rewarding way to share their skills and understanding of the world of work.

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If you would like to explore ways that you or your workplace can contribute to the development of youth and the future workforce contact us

Ph: 8311 5800