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Family Learning Partnerships (2014-2015)

YouthNow is participating in a pilot project to support young mothers who are

interested in exploring learning opportunitites and career pathways with a qualified

careers practitioner. The project will focus on working with two playgroups in the

Brimbank region.

Contact Maria Cox for more information:


Capacity and Innovation - Learn Local (2014 - 2015)

The Career Excellence Centre has been established to support workers who

wish to access timely and relevant resources which support pathway planning for

their clients. The project aims to deliver

  • a community of practice at the VISY CARES HUB, Sunshine
  • access to a regional career resource centre
  • a careers help line for workers
  • support at local career expos
  • develop links across departments via career development.

For more information go to the Careers Excellence Centre page



Projects featured in the Media:

We have been involved in supporting youth for a number of years.

Here is some of the media coverage our activities have attracted.

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